Tuesday, December 24, 2013

"To Him We're Looking Yet (A Christmas Thought)" by Rev. T.L. Drury (1917)

To Him We're Looking Yet.

(A Christmas Thought.)


The Prince of Peace to whom we sing,

        Whose star has never set,

For whom the bells of Christmas ring,

        To him we're looking yet.

We look to him because we see

        The light we so much need,

There find the truth to make us free

        From the errors in our creed.

We look to him this day of gloom,

        As star of faith divine,

Whose face of love will earth illume

        There it's allowed to shine.

Tho' more than nineteen hundred years

        Now since this Prince was born,

He's still our Guide mid doubts and fears,

        The hope of earth's new morn!

Then let us look aloft and sing

        As his disciples strong,

And have our bells of Christmas ring

        Out sin of ages long.

Ring, gladsome bells, ring in the cheer,

        Ring in the peace of love,

Ring in the friendship that is dear

        In which to live and move!

And let the sadness of the times

        Go with the dying year,

And let the gladness of the chimes

        Among us all appear!

May lights be bright in ev'ry home

        To cheer the world abroad,

And bid the Prince of Peace to come,

        And show our faith in God.

Sing in the joys of Christmas day,

        Let ev'ry voice resound;

As angels in their sacred lay,

        Oh! let goodwill abound!

As once unto the manger came

        The men of Eastern lore,

Oh! would the world now praise his name

With gladness evermore!

Troy Times. December 24, 1917

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