Tuesday, December 24, 2013

"Old December" by Benjamin F. Leggett (1897)


With snowy locks December stands

'Mid sleet and storm; his wasted hands

A frosty scepter grasp and hold;

His frame is bent, his limbs are old;

His bearded lips are iced and pale;

He shivers in the winter gale.

Come then, O day of warm heart-cheer,

Make glad the waste and waning year,

While old December shivering goes

To rest beneath the drifted snows!

        — Benj. F. Leggett.

Kellogg, Alice M. Christmas Entertainment. NY: E.L. Kellogg & Co., 1897. 88.

"The Olden Song" by Benjamin F. Leggett (1891)

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