Monday, December 30, 2013

"Old and New" by Annie M. Toohey (1914)


O'er the mystical chasm,

        Hiding passage of Time,

Soon shall wistfully vanish—

        'Mid cadence of chime—

The Old Year with remnants

        Of roses and rue,

Ere we turn to the sunbeams

        A-crowning the New.

We have joys to remember,

        And pangs to regret,

We have bruises that linger,

        Deep heart-scars, and yet,

O'er the vista unfolding

        Of dawn's tender blue,

Hope is weaving a solace

        For paths of the New.

                                ANNIE M. TOOHEY.

Troy Times. December 31, 1914: 4 col 5.

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