Wednesday, December 25, 2013

"The New Year-What Shall We Write?" by Rev. A. S. Clark (1919)

The New Year—What Shall We Write?


A year all new, without one stain

        Upon its pages white and fair,

Is opened to us all again

        And each must write a record there.

What it shall be each must decide;

        Each holds the pencil, each must say;

In thoughts or deeds that shall abide

        Must be the records of each day.

Will it be dark with selfishness,

        Or glow with helpfulness and love

The fruits of which here hearts shall bless,

        And live in treasures rare above?

How pure and white each page appears,

        Pure as the snowflake from the sky,

Fresh with the dews of new-born years,

        Before both old and young they lie!

Ah! let no heart that would be true

        Despair because of failures sore,

In strength Divine we all may go,

        And each new day rich triumphs score.

Then let us write in things that live,

        Each page shine forth in golden deed.

Our best is what we all may give;

        How shall the New Year's record read?

        Round Lake, N.Y., Dec. 31, 1919

Troy Times. December 31, 1919.

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