Tuesday, December 24, 2013

"Does Santa Claus Now Truly Live?" by Reverend T.L. Drury (1917)

Does Santa Claus Now Truly Live?


A little child did question ask

An editor (a pleasant task

To answer in affirmative),

"Does Santa Claus now truly live?"

Of course he lives, my little friend,

In gifts that love and friendship send

To you to give you hope and cheer,

And make you feel your life is dear,

You may not see his form around,

But then his kindness you have found,

And still may find it ev'rywhere

Among the joys you love to share.

Because you do not see him here

Nor see him there, oh, do not fear

He will not come to do his part

To gladsome make your youthful heart.

No Santa Claus! Oh, skeptic thought,

That would destroy what love has wrought,

Nor would replace the sentiment

The young believe is heaven sent!

No Santa Claus! It is not true;

He's here in greetings sweet for you,

Here in the gath'rings that are gay,

That happy make the winter play!

The dearest things in life to me

Are things I feel but do not see,

Are thoughts that come as if on wings,

And each new found pleasure brings.

Then why destroy the visions clear,

Or fancies sweet to children dear,

That make us feel unselfish, kind,

And give us all a nobler mind?

Yes, Santa Claus a spirit is,

Whose charm is love and so much bliss,

And he himself romantic, strange,

For faith in him will gifts exchange!

Is not his spirit likest God,

To raise us up from dust and sod?

Is he not more than all we see

In books of cold philosophy?

Yes, Santa Claus is joy of earth,

So full of faith and hope and mirth;

Before him flees the gloom away,

And where he smiles the children play!

Troy Times. December 14, 1917: 17 col 1.

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