Thursday, December 26, 2013

"An Old Year Reverie" by Iva May Terry (1921)

An Old Year Reverie.


In a little while this year must die,

        And another year will dawn;

But in looking back we breathe a sigh

        For the one now almost gone.

Just a year ago we remember well

        How we listened with delight

To the joyful pealing of the bell

        When the old year took its flight.

It is thus the years pass swiftly by

        And each marks the end of time,

Till we reach our Heavenly home on high,

        There to live a life sublime.

So we give a thought to the passing year,

        For we feel a little blue;

But may every heart be filled with cheer

        With the coming of the new.

        Green Island, N.Y.

Troy Times. December 31, 1921: 14 col 2.

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