Wednesday, December 25, 2013

"The Dawning" by Eva. E. Ames (1923)

The Dawning.


A new year dawns, we fain would see

Beyond its folds futurity,

Impatiently we strive to know

The easiest, fairest way to go,

And fret at thorns beside the way

That prick us undeserved, we say.

We would elude the rock-strewn road

We would cast off each weary load,

Forgetting that the mountain's crest

Is only reached through trial's test.

Unmindful that Earth's sunset fair

Could e'er with Heaven's dawn compare,

Ah! poor the courage, weak the power,

That fails us in the crucial hour,

When, in the distance, faint and sweet,

We almost hear their hurrying feet

To welcome us. Dost understand?

Oh! heart of mine, the toil is grand.

        South Wallingford, Vt.

Troy Times. January 6, 1923

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