Friday, December 6, 2013

"The Christmas Message" by Frances V. Hubbard (1915)

The Christmas Message.


A voice, an angel voice, we seem to hear

Telling glad news and giving words of cheer,

A ringing voice, new every Christmas morn,

“Good tidings, lo, I bring, the Christ is born.”

A song, an angel choir, with pinions white,

Wings thro’ the air and downward takes its flight,

Each year the song rings just as clear as then

When first they sang, “Good will, and peace to men.”

A star—that star still shines upon life’s way,

Lightens each sorrow, leads to perfect day.

The Star, the Voice, the Song, new as that morn

When first was sung, “The Prince of Peace is born.”

Troy Times. December 24, 1915: 7 col 2.

                                                                                                Christopher K. Philippo

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