Wednesday, December 25, 2013

"A New Year Sonnet" by Rev. Joseph C. Booth (1917)

A New Year Sonnet.


The portal opens! Lo, the bright New Year

Is born, jeweled with opportunity:

Alluring, hopeful; fraught with mystery.

Come, let us face the tasks of life with cheer;

The Eye that never sleeps, without compeer,

Will guide us on. Then let us trustful be.

In health or sickness, wealth or poverty—

We cannot sink with our Great Pilot near!

Hear, hear His promise: "I will be thy guide:"

Jehovah is His name! He changeth not—

Unlimited in wisdom, love and power.

Go forward! make the year, whate'er betide,

Progressive, peaceful, glad; without a blot—

That change can ne'er deface, nor time deflower!

Troy Times. January 2, 1917: 6 col 2.

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