Wednesday, December 25, 2013

"Joybells on the Christmas Way" by H. C. Hearman (1924)

Joybells on the Christmas Way


Kris Kringle shakes his reindeer reins,

        That make the joybells jingle,

And old Jack Frost rides from the North,

        To set our nerves a tingle.

An artist from the Great White Way

        Writes on our window glass,

And when we pull the curtains up

        A million snowflakes pass.

The streets are filled with happy folk,

        Who call a joyous greeting,

And people bandy pleasant words

        With all whom they are meeting.

The firelight gleams, the flames leap high,

        The children romp and shout,

We never thought how it would feel

        Should that old fire go out.

We never thought how it would seem

        If Santa passed us by

And hungry children clothed in rags

        Began to sob and cry.

And do you know we owe all this

        To the birthday of a stranger,

Who, many years ago was laid

        In a lowly Bethlehem manger?

He said that we should feed his lambs,

        Those that were poor and weak,

And for His sake should hunt them out,

        The lost sheep we should seek.

My friends, whene'er you feed a lamb

        You feed not one but three,

The Lord who bids you do the act,

        The hungry one and thee.

So do not let this season pass,

        Without some act of love,

And angels in the record book

        Will write your name above.

Troy Times. December 24, 1924: 10 col 1.

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