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"There Were Shepherds" by Howard A. M. Briggs (1913)

"There Were Shepherds."


'T is the joyous time of Christmas,

        When the songs of men are heard,

Mingling with the children's praises,

        Welcoming the gracious Lord.

'T is the seedtime and the harvest,

        When the truth divine for men,

Gripping hearts and bearing fruitage,

        Turns the world to God again.

And the Heart most truly telling

        That we all belong to God,

Gratefully the Christ adoring,

        Meets new light upon the road.

Shepherds with their flocks abiding,

        Angel songs with fear they heard;

But the glory round about them

        Made them sure it was the Lord.

Tidings glad to all the people,

        Sang the glorious, heavenly train;

David's city hath a Savior,

        Peace in Him the world may claim.

Not to kings in pomp and splendor

        Was this Christmas anthem sung;

Nor in palaces of grandeur

        Was His gracious reign begun.

Honest laborers in their places,

        Tolling for their daily bread,

Looked upon those angel faces;

        Heard the words those angels said.

Pomp and gold and worldly splendor

        Can but to the world belong;

While the simple tasks we render

        Fit us for the angel song.

So the work which God has given,

        Holding life so close to earth,

Takes its root in His sweet haven,

        Where the soul life has its birth.

        Chester, Mass., December 23.

Troy Times. December 24, 1913: 11 col 1.

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