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"The Advent of the Christ" by Rev. T. L. Drury (1915)

The Advent of the Christ.


When ancient Rome grown up to power

Had risen monarch of the hour,

In little town then far away

There first did dawn our Christmas day.

But few there were who saw the light

That flashed with splendor on their sight;

And fewer still knew meaning then

Of it for all the sons of men!

And fewer yet heard angels sing

The glory due earth's new born King,

Nor could the shepherds understand

The meaning of a scene so grand!

But ancient Rome still in the gloom

Of Pagan thought could not commune

With simple folks whose vision bold

Meant Pagan Rome would lose her hold.

From places still where cattle feed

May princely men be born to lead;

In humble things there may be might

That yet may strength of nations smite.

He came the Prince of Peace to earth,

So humble was his noble birth,

But wisdom of the far off East

Had deemed him more than sage or priest.

Now centuries have passed away

Since first the dawn of Christmas day;

But where is Rome with all her might

Since Christ rose up with all his light?

As perished Rome, so kingdoms go,

The best that men have made below;

No kingdom stands that rests alone

On what the world may deem its own.

Hence Christ is growing up to might,

Flooding the world with truth and light;

His cheer of love is ev'rywhere,

With joys of hope for all to share.

Then shout with cheer this Christmas day,

For millions love his truth and way;

He is our Prince in whom we see

The peace on earth that is to be!

Troy Times. December 24, 1915: 6 col 2.

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