Friday, December 6, 2013

"A Discriminating Tribute" by Iva May Terry (1909)

A Discriminating Tribute.


There is a daily paper

        To everyone well known

And one that is worth reading,

        For moral is its tone.

A more substantial paper

        We none of us could choose,

Its clear type makes it easy

        For us to read the news.

We like a daily paper

        That is quite accurate, too,

And what this paper tells us

        We know is always true.

So I will praise it highly

        To everyone I meet;

For printing things correctly

        The Times cannot be beat.

Green Island, N. Y.

Troy Times. March 2, 1909: 7 col 3.

Iva May Terry's name might be below ground on the family monument, if there's an inscription for her at all. None of the family members have individual headstones.

“Funeral services for Miss Iva May Terry were conducted today at 2 p.m. at the Reavy-Smart Funeral Home, 282 Remsen Street. Rev. Thomas Glenn Cannen, pastor of Silliman Memorial Presbyterian Church, officiated. Relatives acted as bearers. Interment was in Albany Rural Cemetery, where Mr. Cannen also officiated.”

“Obituary.” Times Record [Troy, NY]. February 23, 1950.

                                                                                                Christopher K. Philippo

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