Tuesday, December 24, 2013

"A Star—A Song" by Frances V. Hubbard (1911)

A Star—A Song.


Long years ago, in the eastern skies,

        Sudden one night there blazed a star,

And the Magi, beholding it, cried "Arise!

        Le us go though it leads afar."

Night after night they followed the gleam,

        Mystic the star and strange the spell

That led them forward—almost a dream—

        But they knew its portent well.

They followed the star, their dream by night,

        Their thought by day, in their journeying;

When the star stood still its rays fell bright

        On their quest—they had found the King.

                A SONG.

A song rang out in the night,

        And the shepherds on Bethlehem's plains,

Watching their flocks, saw the heralds bright

        And heard the angelic strains.

A Star and a Song—one gleams bright

        Through all years, as it did one morn;

The song still rings, for the whole world sings

        "Lo, the Prince of Peace is born!"

Troy Times. December 23, 1911: 7 col 1.

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