Friday, December 6, 2013

"The Belfry Tower" by Sister Ruth (1892)

The Belfry Tower.


The winter moon, thro' the belfry tower,

Shines bright, as the bell strikes the midnight hour;

The gray old church, with its mantle white,

Stands firm and strong, in the silvery light.

        O belfry tower, so old and gray,

        Ring loud your bells! 'T is Christmas Day.

The sun appears, and he sheds his glow

O'er the waking earth; and to all below

Comes, swift and clear from the belfry tower,

The bell's sweet note, as it tells of the hour.

        O belfry tower, so old and gray,

        Ring clear your bells! for Christmas Day.

The children gather from far and near,

And sing their sweet carols, with voices clear;

That "Christ is born" is the story told;

And their voices rise, till the belfry old

        Join in the song, so bright and gay,

        For "Christ is born" on Christmas Day.

So ring your bells, that the world may hear

Of the gift of God, of His Son most dear;

"Toward men good will" and "Peace on earth;"

Ring loud, ring long, Immanuel's birth.

        O belfry tower, so old, so gray,

        Ring always true, on Christmas Day!

Troy Daily Times. December 24, 1892: 2 col 2.

                                                                                                Christopher K. Philippo

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