Tuesday, December 24, 2013

"Ring Out, Glad Bells of Christmas" by Arthur E. Smith (1919)

"Ring Out, Glad Bells of Christmas."


O'er wild Judea's hilltops a star of beauty shone,

And rested ere the midnight o'er Bethl'em's lowly town,

Where in a manger lying was Mary's little child,

The Lord of earth and Heaven, the Pure and Undefiled!

And in the fields were shepherds, watching their flocks by night,

Who saw, and greatly wondered at the prophetic sight,

The heavens were filled with angels who sang with one accord:

"Peace and good-will to all men, for Christ is born, our Lord!"

And there were men of wisdom out on the lonely way,

Who followed on, star-led, to where Christ, the young child, lay;

And there was joy in Heaven, and there was song and light,

When He was born of Mary on that first Christmas night!

Ring out, ye bells of Christmas! Ring loud across the snow!

Ring out the wrongs unrighted of centuries ago;

Ring out all caste distinctions, all darkness of the mind;

Ring in the newer practice Christ taught for all mankind!

Arise, ye happy peoples, and from all tumults cease!

Ring out dark years of hatred; ring in long years of peace;

Ring out the proud heart-idols, the lust for pow'r and gold;

Ring in an age of kindness, and faith unknown of old!

Ring out all superstitions, all doubts that mar and stain;

Ring in that fuller manhood the pure of heart attain!

Ring out all want and sorrow, all envy born of pride;

Ring in the promised morning, the Bridegroom and the Bride!

        Hartford, N. Y.

Troy Times. December 24, 1919

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