Monday, December 30, 2013

"A Glad New Year" by Rev. Joseph C. Booth (1927)

A Glad New Year.


Ring in, ye merry bells, the glad New Year,

With hope inspired and all its wealth of cheer;

With noble resolutions men have made

And plans progressive they have wisely laid.

What, though the future be untried, unseen?

Our faith in God is steadfast and serene.

Past, present, future are alike to Him,

Creation vast, from center to the rim,

Is His domain and shall forever be—

The Lord inhabiteth eternity!

With such a God to guide us through the year,

Why should we yield to doubt or slavish fear?

Our times are in His hands—our refuge strong,

We, therefore, face the glad New Year with song,

Believing that the best is yet to be,

As makers of our future destiny.

Man's talent is God's providential gift

To be developed by untiring thrift.

Progression is to life its vital breath,

Stagnation is the vestibule of death;

Nature's established laws we must obey,

Or fall to retribution's hands a prey.

With such clear knowledge of God's truth revealed,

Let not our talents rust be being concealed;

Up, be alert, life's stream is flowing fast,

Our opportunities will soon be past;

Work while 'tis day—the night provides long rest,

Be this our motto for the year: "Our Best!"

        Melrose, N.Y.

Troy Times. December 31, 1927: 20 col 1.

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