Friday, December 6, 2013

"Amor Dei (Christmas, 1891) by John C. Ball (1891)

Amor Dei.

[Christmas, 1891.]


God loved the world and sent His only Son

To deeds no mortal could have done,

To deeds of love mankind will ever sing

’Til earth’s remotest bounds shall ring

With melodies of peace—good will to me:

                                Amen, Amen!

Christ loved the world! and for His love, has died

That Life forever might abide,

And rise triumphant from the wrecks of clay,

When God shall usher in His day

Of perfect peace and perfect will in men:

                                Amen, Amen!

God loved the world! and, for His love, the bands

Which bound His Son, by His own hands

Were riven from the voiceless tomb; and now,

In heaven and earth, his children bow

Before his face and praise His love to me:

                                Amen, Amen!

        SUNDAY, Dec. 20, 1891.

Troy Daily Times. December 24, 1891.

                                                                                                Christopher K. Philippo

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