Wednesday, December 25, 2013

"The New Year" by Robert Hoosick Washburne (1912)

The New Year


As draws near the hour of midnight

        Of the coming New Year's eve,

Thoughts of former days possess us,

        Some of pleasure, some that grieve.

In the solemn hour of midnight

        We review the months gone by,

Mercies fresh and never ceasing,

        Daily sent from God on high.

At the dawning of the New Year

        We with courage look ahead,

Knowing God, so wise and faithful,

        Will supply his children bread.

May for us this Happy New Year

        Rich in Heaven's blessings be,

And our hearts full of thanksgiving

        Speak our praise, O God, to Thee!

Troy Times. December 31, 1912: 2 col 1.

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