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"The Chimes of Yule-Tide—A Christmas Carol" by Rev. Albert Danker (1894)

The Chimes of Yule-Tide—A Christmas Carol.


        (NOTE.—This carol was suggested by pleasant memories of Christmas services, when I was connected in youthful days with Christ Church Sunday school, Troy, N. U., and later on, after ordination, with reminiscences of Nativity celebrations, when officiating, during my diaconate, in the church of the Holy Cross, in the same city.—A. D.)


Hark! Hark! the bells of Christmas!

While snow-drifts shroud the ground;

The chimes from Gothic arches,

How merrily they sound!


They are calling, children, calling,

To bid you come and sing,

As did fair Bethlehem's angels,

To hail the Infant King.


For 't is the merry Yule-tide,

When Christmas candles glow,

And shine from many a window

Far out across the snow.


Hark! Hark! again, dear children,

How grand the organ swells;

And hear the sweet-voiced choristers

Amid the chiming bells.


Oh, greet the loving Christ child!

Your offerings gladly bring,

And as you crowd His temple,

Loud let your carols ring.


For 't is the gladsome season

In which the shepherds came

And after them the Magi,

To praise His glorious name.


And while you sing your carols

And chant your festal lay,

Care for the poor and needy

On this bright Christmas Day.

Boston, Mass.

Troy Daily Times. December 24, 1894.

Rev. Albert Danker (1840-1923)

Albany Rural Cemetery

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