Tuesday, December 24, 2013

"Christmas Greetings" by Rev. Joseph C. Booth (1929)

Christmas Greetings.


The same old wish, from friend to friend, once more:

"A Happy Christmas and a Glad New Year,

With all the season's joyfulness and cheer,—

The festive board with song and storied lore:

The coming of the angels to adore

The infant King, foretold by guided seer;

The seraph's message that the shepherds hear;

The star that led the three wise men of yore.

Let not indulgence mar our Christmastide,

Nor lawlessness disgrace the Savior's birth,

By revels, murders, thefts and suicide,

But scatter peace and God's goodwill on earth:

The world from strife is yearning for release,

The remedy's at hand—the Prince of Peace!

        Melrose, N.Y.

Troy Times. December 24, 1929: 4 col 5.

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