Friday, December 6, 2013

"A Christmas Carol" by Arthur E. Smith (1892)

A Christmas Carol.


This is the month, and this the glorious night

        Wherein our Lord, Heav'n's blessed Son and King,

Attended by a host of angels bright,

        To all mankind did free salvation bring.

        Yes, down the pathway of the stars he came,

With garments blazing with celestial light,

        And took man's form with its accompanying shame!



Hark, a glad voice the desert cheers;

"Christ comes to reign! A God appears!

Let earth receive Him from the skies!

Sink down ye hills! Ye lowlands rise!

Ye fronded palms bend o'er His way!

Ye little birds be glad to-day!

The Savior comes by bards foretold!

Ye deaf-mutes praise! Ye blind behold.


"He comes to aid! He comes to bless

The world with truth and righteousness!

Behold, from Jesse's root doth rise

A tree whose branches fill the skies!

A Spirit through its leaves doth move

And all its fragrant flow'rs are love!

They who abide within its shade

Will hence with Christ's own hand be stayed!


"Christ comes to earth! Yea, He doth bring

The resurrection and the spring!

See Jordan, restless, wanders by,

And Carmel lifts his head on high!

See gentle clouds o'er Sharon wing,

While winds scent of her roses bring!

Now Peace the olive wand extends,

And Innocence from Heav'n descends!


"All hail th' Incarnate Deity

Whose realms shall reach from sea to sea!—

He, who doth clear the visual ray,

And lights the weary trav'ler's way!—

Who bids new music greet the ear,

And doth the skies of sorrow clear!

Peace, peace to earth and to all men,

For Christ is born in Bethlehem!"

Troy Daily Times. December 23, 1892

                                                                                                Christopher K. Philippo

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