Sunday, December 1, 2013

"Christmas Gifts" by Frances V. Hubbard (1900)

Christmas Gifts.


The little children, for a long, long, while,

        Have wished for gifts that Santa Claus should bring;

Some wishes wise, and some that make me smile,—

        They little know the harm a gift might bring.

When Christmas comes, and by the mantel wide

        The stockings hang—not all they wish, indeed,

But what is best, Love kindly will provide,

        Bearing in mind each dear one's special need.

So, when, like children, foolishly we yearn

        For many things, with urgent, strange unrest,

Then Love we cannot understand doth turn

        From us things harmful, giving what is best,

The child, when older, knows the reason why

        Love held back many a thing he longed to own,

And we in mansions fair beyond the sky,

        Shall rest content, knowing as we are known.

        Cohoes, N. Y.

Troy Daily Times. December 24, 1900.

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