Monday, December 2, 2013

"Christmas Tidings" by Benjamin Danforth (1919)

Christmas Tidings.


Over hill, over valley,

        Bells of joy and peace are ringing.

White robed snowflakes

Gifts which God makes

        To us Christmas cheer are bringing.

From our lips, from our voices

        Come the words of days gone by,

Christmas story,

Gifts of glory,

        Thoughts of him shall never die.

In the heavens, midst the ripples

        Of the deep blue waves so bright,

Stands afar,

The guiding star,

        Lightening all the world to-night.

Over all in mystic silence

        Dwells the vision of the birth.

He who lay,

Among the hay,

        Is now the light of all the earth.

Christmas star, worldly light,

        May we hear each sweet command.

Through this life,

With all its strife,

        Lead us with thy guiding hand.

        Lansingburgh, N. Y.

Troy Times. December 24, 1919

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