Monday, December 2, 2013

"Lines on Viewing an Old English Bateaux Sunk in Lake George" by Arthur E. Smith (1893)


On Viewing an Old English Bateaux Sunk in Lake George, Not Far From the Village of Ticonderoga.


And here no cannon speak with thund'rous roar,

        Nor haughty pennants cast upon the wave

        A crimson splendor. All is silent save

The clamor of the pulp-mills on the shore

And labored creaking of the fisher's oar,

        Or that of hunter with bronzed face and grave,

        Scanning each bord'ring hill and shallow cave,

Thinking his quarry hath not passed before.

Deep in the lake an old bateau still lies,

        A relic of the hate of Mother-land.

O question not past days nor tyrannies,

        For England now's a friend, and now we stand

Like a united, royal family,

        From the Pacific's waves to those of the North sea!


Troy Daily Times. June 14, 1893: 6 col 2.

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