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"The Frear Memorial" by Rev T. L. Drury (1915)

The Frear Memorial.


There is no act that’s more divine

        Than helping children to enjoy

The gladness of the sweet sunshine,

        And nature’s ways of life employ.

And no memorial that we raise,

        With loving hearts and holy hands,

Can win from men one-half the praise

        As that for good of others stands.

The marble shafts men raise are cold,

        And time may names thereon efface,

But living deeds forever hold

        And shape the annals of the race.

And who would not see children play,

        Where nature gives a wide expanse,

Far from the city life away,

        Where they do love to sing and dance?

No greater school than nature hath

        Renews the life, inspires the mind,

And leads youth out into the path

        Where air is pure and world is kind.

Then honor be to those who love

        To make the city children free,

And raise their nature weak above

        The narrow street and sin they see!

Troy Times. July 9, 1915

The "Frear Memorial" of 1915 "far from the city life away" seems to refer to the Titus Eddy Frear Memorial Dormitory in Grafton in connection with the Troy Times Fresh Air Fund:

"Loving Memory; Building to be Erected As a Memorial; A Beautiful Gift; A Boys' Dormitory for The Troy Times Fresh Air Home—To Honor a Husband and a Father." Troy Times. June 3, 1913: 5 cols 2-3.

"Acceptance of Memorial; Troy Times Fresh Air Fund to Formally Receive Beautiful Building." Troy Times. July 6, 1915: 5 col 4.

"Frear Memorial; Impressive Exercises at Dedication; Services at Grafton; Handsome Building Which Will Be Used As a Dormitory For Boys Formally Turned Over to Troy Times Fresh Air Fund." Troy Times. July 9, 1915: 5 cols 2-4.

"Justified by Its Friends." Troy Times. July 9, 1915: 4 col 1.

See also "The Fresh Aid Fund" by Lucy H. Batt (1919)

                                                                                                Christopher K. Philippo

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