Friday, December 6, 2013

"Nature Asleep" by Iva May Terry (1910)

Nature Asleep.


The Blind Poetess of Green Island.

Beneath the white snowflakes

        So downy and deep,

The dear little flowers

        Are lying asleep.

Birds’ voices are silent,

        No sound can be heard,

Save that of the breezes

        When treetops are stirred.

The moon in its splendor

        Is shining o’er all,

Stars beaming so tender

        Let their soft light fall.

How sweet is the stillness

        That God has ordained,

To lighten our burdens

        And lessen our pain.

But soon the warm sunshine

        Will rouse all the streams,

Then songbirds and flowers

        Will wake from their dreams.

Our hearts will be happy,

        We also like they

Will fly in our fancy

        To woodlands away.

How great is the pleasure

        That we will derive

When we watch the birdies

        Their small nests contrive.

These dear little creatures

        Our Father has sent

To teach us the lessons

        Of love and content.

Troy Times. February 23, 1910

                                                                                                Christopher K. Philippo

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