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"To Friends in the City and Country" by James C. Clark (1852)



        The attention of the public is respectfully called to the large and elegant assortment of RICH FANCY GOODS and TOYS, just received from the importers and manufacturers, and now ready for sale by the subscriber.

To Dealers in Fancy Goods and Confectionary.

        Having taken great pains to procure all articles direct from the importers and manufacturers, and being willing to dispose of them at a very small profit to dealers, you will find it for your interest to call and purchase your stock for the Holidays. The Confectionary is all made at home, and from the best of sugars, and can and will be sold as low for the same quality as can be purchased elsewhere. Pedlars and wholesale dealers supplied on reasonable terms.

For Fairs, Societies, Balls and Parties.

        Persons desirous of procuring Fancy Goods, Troys or Confectionary for Fairs, Social Gatherings, Balls, Parties, or Donation Parties, will be supplied at the regular wholesale rates.



        The assortment of Fancy Goods and Troys [sic] is now full and complete, and persons will find it to their advantage to make their selections as early as possible, before the assortment becomes broken, and before there is so great a rush as to render it difficult to wait upon all the customers. It is impossible to enumerate the different styles of goods, but please call and examine for yourselves. This stock is all new, having all been purchased quite recently.


        Heretofore many have been disappointed in not being able to procure all the Sugar Toys and Confectionary they wanted for Christmas; the reasons was, that orders came too late. Hand in your orders as soon as possible, and you shall not be disappointed again, if we work night and day to fill them.

                JAS. C. CLARK, Agent, 172 River street.

To Friends in the City and County.

Come one, and come all,

        Come with little delay,

Old and young, large and small,

        And your kind respects pay

To old Santa Claus here;

        Where he joyously brings

With his good Christmas cheer,

        Many rare and sweet things;

Come with gay laughing faces,

        With hearty good will,

Full purses to empty,

        Large pockets to fill;

Then, when stormy December

        Shall bring Christmas near,

You will kindly remember

        It is but once in a year—

And out thanks to our friends

        Shall be rightfully due,

At River street, 172.

Troy Daily Times. December 9, 1852: 2 col 5.

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