Monday, December 30, 2013

"The Old and New Year" by Sister Ruth (1892)

The Old and New Year.


Slowly the old year is dying,

        Drawing his last sad breath,

Carrying with him in flying

        Memories of life and death.

'Mid wintry days and sunny hours,

        He takes his journey brief;

Autumn fruits and summer flowers

        He binds in his withered sheaf.

Sunshine and shadow, joy and pain,

        He leaves, and goes his way;

But youth, alas! ne'er comes again,

        Though we greet each New Year's day.

Yet we hail with joy the coming year,

        Forgetting sorrows past;

And the world seems bright—we have no fear,

As we welcome the birth of the glad New Year,

        With hopes that may not last.








A Happy New Year! the wide world over,

'Cross land and sea, the greeting flies,

From friend to friend, from maid to lover,

The same refrain the whole world over.

                                A Happy New Year to you!

A Bright New Year! O, joyous maiden,

With love-lit eyes and golden hair;

The future is yours; with sweetness laden

The hours seem blest—most winsome maiden,

                                A Bright New Year to you!

A Glad New Year! to the loving one

Who giveth his riches with willing hand;

Thrice blessed is he, and like God's Son,

Who, while on earth, good works begun;

                                A Glad New Year to you!

A Peaceful Year! to the sick and weary,

Waiting tho the Master's message, "Come;"

A Blessed Year! tho' life seem dreary.

There's rest above, for the worn and weary;

                                A Peaceful Year to you!

Troy Daily Times. December 31, 1892.

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