Thursday, December 26, 2013

"Joy May Come With the Morrow" by Mrs. Harriet E. Benedict

Joy May Come With the Morrow.


Oh, the New Year bringeth joy!

        And the New Year bringeth cheer!

But sorrow and woe and tears that flow

        Are brought by the same New Year.

Joy and cheer to the young and gay,

        Pain and sorrow to the hearts that weep,

And in spite of the cheer of this closing year,

        How many their sad vigils keep!

But the light that shines from afar

        Is the light that leads us on,

For love is the light that illumines our night,

        And hope is never quite gone.

So we'll welcome the glad New Year,

        And we'll think no more of sorrow;

Though it's dark to-day, one can never say

        What joy will come with to-morrow.

Troy Daily Times. January 2, 1895: 2 col 2.

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