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"Thoughts for the Season (Christmas)" by Rev. T.L. Drury (1919)

Thoughts for the Season.



Oh, there is music in the air,

And all the bells do seem to share

The charm of all its harmonies,

And cheer of all the centuries.

And many are the voices clear,

That if we listen we may hear

Above the turmoil of the times,

And in the gladness of the chimes.

For God is speaking to us still

Thro' longing hearts that sing goodwill,

And in the very sky above

Behold the light of peace and love.

The earth is His, do not forget,

And hope and faith are with us yet,

Nor evil can o'erthrow the good

That leads us on to brotherhood.

The light that made the manger bright

So far off in that ancient night,

Oh, it is shining for us still,

Lo, in the Christ of God's "Goodwill."

So kingdoms false but rise to fall

Before His light, for God is all;

The gentle Christ with smiling face

Looks down with hope on all the race.

Then let the bells of peace be rung,

And let the songs of love be sung,

That all the world may pause to hear

The voices glad sing to us here!

Hence nothing fails that is divine,

For God is in the whole design,

And Christ is ours with voices sweet

To make our Christmas cheer complete!

        St. Albans, Vt.

Troy Times. December 24, 1919: 12 col 2.

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