Tuesday, December 24, 2013

"A Christmas Hymn" by Rev. Joseph C. Booth (1934)



        Tune: "Ascalon" or "Crusader's Hymn."

(Written for The Troy Times and dedicated to Melrose Methodist Church choir, which will sing this hymn for the first time Sunday morning.)

Emmanuel—Prince of Peace

Was born to bring release

To burdened souls, o'er all the earth;

The Angels sang His praise

In loud, triumphant lays

And Shepherds hailed Messiah's birth.

The Magi—from afar,

Beheld his natal star,—

The star that decked His diadem;

Their costly gifts they bring

To God's appointed King

And worship Him in Bethlehem.

Let Angels sing again

And earth roll back the strain,

Till we, like Shepherds, find our King;

In steps of Magi tread,

By star—to manger bed

And to our Lord our offerings bring.

Lord Jesus! Prince of Peace!

Thy greatness shall increase,

Till all the nations own Thy sway;

Then universal love

Shall human actions move

And flourish in "Millennial Day!"

        Melrose, N.Y.

Troy Times. December 22, 1934: 8 col 1.

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