Sunday, November 24, 2013

"The Red Cross is the Slogan Now" by Rev. T. L. Drury (1917)

The Red Cross is the Slogan Now.


The Red Cross is the slogan now,

And in it see most clearly how

We can most patriotic be

As people who are loyal, free!

The service is a helping hand

We timely give our native land,

The hope of those who make the fight

For liberty and human right.

This service puts the flag above

The love of pelf, will ever prove

That country first is in our mind,

That we are not to duty blind.

Our willingness to issue meet

Will make this service kind complete,

Will help to give a stunning blow

By men who fight a ruthless foe.

Then as we can so let us give,

That our Democracy may live,

And leaven all the nations through,

The sin of greed and war subdue.

The men who go across the sea

To freedom save and Europe free,

We owe to them this service kind

As loyal friends they leave behind.

The slogan hear, the slogan heed,

Then freely meet the country's need,

Thus tell our friends across the sea

That we are true as we are free.

Yea, ev'ry woman, child and man,

[?] we are strong American,

Let's forward come in Freedom's name,

As volunteers make good the claim.

Troy Times. June 21, 1917: 13 col 1.

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