Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"A Soldier's Thought on Patrick's Day" by Melvin E. Tolman (1915)

A Soldier's Thought on Patrick's Day


Comrades, how I long to be

        At home on Patrick's Day!

Brighter the sky there for you and me,

Greener the grass by the River Lee,

Kinder the faces than elsewhere I see,

        At home on Patrick's Day.

Comrades, days of joy we've seen

        At home on Patrick's Day.

Now we sleep where the battle has been;

Bear the rifle with bayonet keen,

But in our hearts we're wearing the green,

        At home on Patrick's Day.

Comrades, some may miss our face

        At home on Patrick's Day.

Let them boast we have brought no disgrace

To the land or emblem of our race,

And ever welcome will be our place

        At home on Patrick's Day!

        Bennington, Vt.

Troy Times. March 17, 1915

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