Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"Robbie Burns" by Pearl W. Barton (1919)

Robbie Burns


O Robbie Burns, dear Robbie Burns,

        You dee'd sae lang ago!

But still your name is bright wi' fame,

        Immortal in its glow.

Men can't forget the truths you set

        Adrift in magic rhyme;

The sangs you wrote are still afloat

        Upon the Stream o' Time.

Your Tam-o'-Shanter's still alive,

        Astride his gray mare Mag,

Who flew before the witches sour,

        A fleet, immortal nag.

Your cotter's children still come hame

        Each Saturday at eve,

For converse there, and then a prayer

        Before they take their leave.

Your sang still rings around the warl',

        Wi' manhood in the van,

A voice supreme, a noble dream

        O' men, "A Man's a Man!"

"Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot?"

        Nae, nae! they're here tae stay

'Till Robbie Burns' birthday returns,

        Ten thousand years away.

Troy Times. January 25, 1919: 13 col 1.

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