Sunday, November 24, 2013

"The Lost Atlantis" by T.V.T. (1892)

The Lost Atlantis.

BY T. V. T.

The ancients tell us centuries ago

        Out in the ocean stood an island fair,

Where lovely flowers waved ever to and fro,

        Filling with fragrance all the balmy air.

Never a land like this was ever known;

        All that the heart could wish abounded there;

Hither they came, from every land and zone,

        And found than all their dreams this land more fair.

But ah! a fearful storm arose one night,

        And when it raging ceased at morning's smile,

Gone, with its art, its wealth, its beauty bright—

        Vanished forever was that magic isle.

Still rolled the ocean on, just as before,

        Still shone the sun, as if it nothing missed;

Still danced the waves, nor ever sought the shore

        Of that fair island they so oft had kissed.

When sailors sometimes passing near the place

        Heard chiming bells that seemed far, far away,

They crossed themselves and said "By God's good grace

        We'll find that happy island yet some day."

So, when life's storm has swept off all that's dear,

        When hope is lost, the heartless world too gay,

Then memory's bells at times shall chime of cheer,

        "Thou'll find that happy life again some day!"

        Cohoes, N. Y.

Troy Daily Times. August 11, 1892: 8 col 1.

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