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"Lakeside Chapel, Cleverdale" by Rev. Joseph C. Booth (1921)

        The following sonnet was written at the request of Mrs. A. L. Falconer of Troy, formerly of Waterford, for the dedication services of the new chapel at Cleverdale, Lake George, where she spends her summers. Mr. Booth is her pastor.

God bless the little Chapel by the lake

At Cleverdale, erected not for fame,

But to the glory of Thy Holy Name;

In honor of Thy Love and Mercy's sake,

With sweet hosannas may the Chapel shake;

Its sacred altar burn with hallowed flame;

Its dedication meet the Lord's acclaim

And angels into hallelujahs break!

May this glad day its future prophesy;

Progressive, evangelical and true;

A monument to point the passerby,

The "Door of Hope" and pathway to pursue.

May people, yet unborn, rejoice to see

Fulfilled this Dedication Prophecy!


Troy Times. December 15, 1921: 9 col 1.

        A new electric organ, the gift of Charles C. Freihofer and family, was dedicated yesterday at the Lakeside Chapel, Cleverdale, on Lake George.

        The organ, given in memory of the late Mrs. Freihofer, was dedicated at the 11 a.m. service with Rev. William E. Montgomery, D.D., pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Glens Falls, as speaker.

        Mrs. Clarence Eckler, Glens Falls, was soloist at the dedication ceremonies.

"Electric Organ, Gift of Trojan, Dedicated at Cleverdale Church." Times Record [Troy, NY]. July 21, 1947: 9 col 5.

Hagerty, Meg. "Lakeside Chapel welcoming worshipers for more than 90 years." Post Star [Glens Falls, NY]. July 14, 2012.

It's a pretty little chapel, though I've never been in it, just around it. I was disappointed not to find it in Adirondack Churches: A History of Design and Building. There would seem to be enough missing from that book to warrant another on Adirondack churches.

Incidentally, if a pizza and beer (or fancier fare) put you in a worshipful mood at Sans Souci, there might be some reasons why aside from the quality of the food and service. Formerly Mason's Hall, it had been the site of Baptist services prior to the creation of the Lakeside Chapel and for fundraisers for the Catholic Church across from the Lakeside Chapel (the latter's now a private residence):

        Sunday afternoon, July 22, at 4:30 o'clock the Rev. David A. Solly, of the Baptist church, this city, will preach in Mason's hall, Cleverdale. Mr. Jack Morris, of this city, will sing.

        Services will be held every Sunday afternoon during August and September at 4:30 in Mason's hall.

"Service at Cleverdale." Post Star [Glens Falls, NY]. July 14, 1917: 6 col 2.

        At the final rehearsal last night in St. Mary's chapel the finishing touches were put on the minstrel and vaudeville program to be presented this evening in Mason's hall, Cleverdale, Lake George, for the benefit of the Catholic chapel building fund at that place. The rehearsal was conducted under the direction of Francis Lambert. The entertainment will open at 3:15 o'clock and will be followed by a dance to be given under the auspices of the C.E. club with Bishop's orchestra providing music.

        Those who have witnessed the rehearsals say that a splendid program is in store for the summer colony at Cleverdale, and the many Glens Falls, Hudson Falls and Fort Edward people who are planning to attend.

        Among numbers which have been added to the program, as originally planned are: Miss Rae Conroy and Miss Jean Fitzsimmons; solo by Mrs. Caruso of Albany; Dick Nash and Miss May Fitzsimmons; "Jigging Jimmie" Hunt; and P.F. Herlihy.

        People desiring to attend the entertainment are advised to travel the Ridge road between this city and Cleverdale.

"Entertainment at Cleverdale Tonight." Post Star [Glens Falls, NY]. August 5, 1921: 2 col 3.

        Friday evening at Mason's hall, Cleverdale, Lake George, the members of St. Mary's Dramatic Club of Hudson Falls will present for the benefit of the Catholic chapel at Cleverdale the three act comedy, "Patty." Indications point to one of the most successful plays ever staged by this well-known group of entertainers, and the play will be attended by several hundred Hudson Falls persons. Following the presentation of the comedy, dancing will be enjoyed, music being furnished by Beaton's orchestra.

        The cast follows: Captain Braithwaite, William Smith; Captain Liddle, George Carrier; Mr. Green, Ambrose Corcoran; Mr. Smith, William Hurley; Mrs. Green, Miss Margaret Harney; Patience Little (Patty), Miss Doris Carpenter; Helen Braithwait, Miss Harriet Lindsay; Hope Dunbar, Miss Catherine O'Brien; Hyacinth, Miss Neva Usher.

"Dramatic Club to Stage Benefit For Cleverdale Chapel." Post Star [Glens Falls, NY]. July 31, 1923: 3 col 2.

Be generous with your tithe when the bartender or waitstaff pass the collection plate!

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