Saturday, November 23, 2013

"Abraham Lincoln (Can We Forget?)" by Rev. Algernon S. Clark (1926)

Abraham Lincoln.

(Can We Forget?)


The Writer Heard Lincoln Speak on His Way to Washington.

Can we forget that tall and manly form?

        That noble brow, that firm yet kindly face?

Those eyes that ever told of heartbeats warm

        For all, whate'er their color or their race?

Can we forget that latest farewell word

        As forth he went a nation's life to save?

From malice free, yet hearts of freemen stirred

        In Truth and Right, like forbears to be brave?

Can we forget that gracious Father's hand

        Unseen by mortal man, but ever there?

That guidance gave and strength to nobly stand

        When hope so oft was clouded with despair?

Can we forget his simple trust in God?

        His virtues and his steadfast love of right?

Let us then march where forbears grand have trod

        O'er each ennobling and victorious fight.

        New York and Round Lake.

Troy Times. February 12, 1926: 20 col 2.

It seems unlikely we'll ever have such a President again. May it not be so!

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