Thursday, November 28, 2013

"Autocrat Writing Paper" by A. W. Bellaw (1908)

        Following are some verses on White and Wycoff Mfg. Co.'s Autocrat paper written by A. W. Bellaw of De Graff, Ohio:


It's the smooth goods and simon pure,

The basis of best literature,

The cream of reams Good Taste begat-

Well, try your pen on "Autocrat!"

The writing paper worth your while,

Society's vogue, and free from guile,

You always know just where you're at

If you will write on "Autocrat."

The Paper of the Present Tense

Made with true art and common sense;

Between good friends it's purely frat,—

Good Friendship chooses "Autocrat."

My lady loves this Paper so,

The pride of her portfolio,

Each word's a treasure writ on that,

Fair as her thought is "Autocrat."

The sheet of court and state, and meant

To please the prince and president,

The preference of the diplomat

Is shown to be the "Autocrat."

It is a pleasure to the pen,

A boon to women and to men,

Your thinking powers you get down pat

When writing on the "Autocrat."

It is the paper without peer,

To which no others come quite near,

And all good writers tip the hat

In courtesy to the "Autocrat."

American Stationer 64(22). November 28, 1908. 24.

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