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"The Pastor's Cat" by Rev. A.S. Clark (1919)

The Pastors Cat.


The pastor's cat would have some part

        In worship on the Sabbath Day,

So to the church with eager feet

        He journeyed where God's people pray.

Maybe he thought the day so warm

        That some might be inclined to sleep,

For stealthily the door he sought,

        And took a calm and thoughtful peep.

'T was very still, the pastor's words

        Had gained each faithful hearer's ear,

When, in the church with solemn mien,

        Came Tabby like a worshiper.

Then suddenly as if he saw

        Some weary head begin to nod,

His bell he rang in tones that said,

        "Wake up, O worshipper of God!"

The pastor good was quite chagrined

        That his loved cat should seem so rude,

And in the sanctuary dear

        His presence and his bell intrude.

And so he turned his catship out

        With much relief at the rear door,

When, lo, old Tabby scurried round

        And down the aisle he came once more!

This time with each advancing step

        He rang his clanging bell anew,

Which said in no mistaken words,

        "I have my Sunday mission too."

Now Tabby was escorted home,

        For 't was a special service day,

And since he meant it all for good,

        He's loved not one whit less, they say.

        Round Lake.

        [The pastor referred to is Rev. J. H. Clark of the Methodist Church, Round Lake. The occasion was the first communion, September 6, 1919, following the pastor's vacation. The cat is Chummy, an old and much loved pet.]

Troy Times. October 11, 1919

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