Saturday, November 23, 2013

"Good Advice and Poetry" by William Renne & Sons (1872)

Good Advice and Poetry

TUNE, "anything that Fits."

                        Magic Oil is "death on Fits."

Magic Oil is delicious, thank Renne for this!

All Pain it cures quickly for mother or miss,

Goes right to the trouble, rubbed in with the palm,

As sure as you're faithful, "It works like a charm."

The directions please follow, but use your own skill,

In Sprains and Neuralgia, but bathe with a will.

Used outward and inward it never does harm,

In Headache or Colic "It works like a charm."

Sore Throat from Catarrh, or from Cold in the Head,

Or Chills from a Cold that would keep you in bed,

Magic Oil performs wonders, and acts like a balm,

For Gargle, or Swathing, "It works like a charm."

It cures you so nicely, it makes you feel brave,

So that ordinary pain is a luxury to have.

Magic Oil in Dyspepsia gives a feeling so calm,

The stomach in glee says "It works like charm."

The "toot horn of fame" most usually lies!

So the Magic Oil cures took the folks by surprise!

The claims that it made caused wondrous alarm,

The trial now shows that "It works like a charm."

        WM. RENNE & SONS, solo manufacturers, Pittsfield, Mass.

        Reader, call for it where you usually trade, by the full name. Sold by all druggists.

Troy Daily Whig. July 2, 1872.

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