Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"The Devil and His War-Machines" by Rev. Joseph C. Booth (1915)

The Devil and His War-Machines.


The devil hath appeared, in ages past,

In various forms; an angel, clothed in light;

A roaring lion, terrible in fight.

In modern days he heath the old outclassed,

In submarines he hath appeared, at last,

Belching infernal death. His airy flight

He takes, drops chunks of hell, called bombs, at night,

And strews the seas with deadly mines aghast!

In Europe, Paradise is turned to hell!

On land and sea and air the devil reigns;

The thundering cannon and the bursting shell,

In every shot the blood of manhood drains.

Great Armageddon to the world hath come,

And nations writhe in Pandemonium!

Troy Times. March 13, 1915: 3 col 1.

Rev. Booth appears to have been one of the Troy Times most prolific contributors. Other war poems of his include "The Fate of Lusitania," "The Submarine Menace," "Battledogs Hunting Submarine Foxes," "The War's Issue," "The Red Cross Fund," "Red Cross Supplies," "American Freedom Challenged—Autocracy vs. Democracy" - so many others besides.

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