Saturday, November 23, 2013

"Battledogs Hunting Submarine Foxes" by Rev. Joseph C. Booth (1917)

Battledogs Hunting Submarine Foxes.


Our battledogs have gone

        To hunt the submarines;

They're helping cousin John

        To catch the fox-machines.

Their speed is known afar,

        Their scent is keen and strong;

Those dreadful dogs of war

        To Uncle Sam belong:

When on the track the fox they mark

The world will hear their awful bark!

The U-boats, shrewd and sly,

        Are tricky to the core;

When helpless ships go by,

        They glut themselves with gore!

When battledogs appear

        The foxy submarine

Darts in his hole, for fear;

        No periscope is seen:

But soon our grey-hounds of the sea

Will bag the fox and set us free!

the writing's on the wall:

        "Autocracy is doomed:"

The lords of war shall fall

        With all their pride entombed!

Democracy will then

        The world for God command;

Then men will live like men

        Each other understand:

Their highest aim—their fellows' good—

A universal Brotherhood!

Troy Times. July 16, 1917

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