Sunday, November 24, 2013

"Mansfield's Beer" (1838)

        ☞ Rules and regulations to be attended to with MANSFIELD'S BEER. It will generally be ripe in 12 hours after it is corked in warm weather, and will require to let the steam off once in 12 hours till it is used up. If it is neglected too long, the corks will fly out and disgorge a part of the contents of the bottle, and get enraged so high as to spit in your face; keep it as cool as possible, and if kept in ice, it will improve in quality with age. This super excellent beverage has proved beneficial to the health of thousands, especially to delicate females and nursing mothers, and, of course, the nurslings, affording nutriment and strength to both:

'I am doctor of doctors' wise folks have the notion,

My beverage prevents intestine commotion.

                                "The Old Doctor."

There is many wise folks that used to drink toddy,

Now drink Mansfield's Beer, for health of the body.

        N. B. My amiable horse is at leisure almost every afternoon, and may be used on the outside of him, or with a light carriage. ☞ No dandy shall use him.

Troy Daily Whig. May 30, 1838: 2 col 5.

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