Sunday, November 24, 2013

"Mansfield's Beer" (1844)

A few hundred pounds of Cod tongues and sounds

May be found at "old Doctor Mansfield's";

For his superior Beer, you had better call here,

And have all your mortal cans fill'd.

'T is a positive fact, now what do you think?

There's nothing more wholesome than nourishing drink.

Then drink Manfield's Beer, if you'd cherish long life—

Let your children drink freely, with yourself and your wife:

For summer disorders a safeguard and sure,

For intestine commotion an infallible cure.

        I have been asked the meaning of the word Medicamentum. Answer—Medica, medicine; Menium, mental—which helps the body and mind, as there is a sympathy between both.

        Caution.—There is a kind of Beer disposed of redundantly in this city, an illegitimate article, called Mansfield's Medicamentum Beer. I never instructed Ezra Defreest, or any other person, in the "art and mystery" of my compound. Now, there is no Mansfield in his Beer operations; yet in order to deceive, he has taken my name in vain in three places, on his sign boards and wagon.—Isn't he cunning? Is not this simulation? And has he not been washed in the river Hudson?

                        "OLD DOCTOR MANSFIELD."

        N. B. I have a cool Recess and large refrigerator, which keeps my Beer in fine order, at

                                55 Congress st.

Troy Daily Whig. June 28, 1844: 2 col 6.

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