Saturday, November 23, 2013

"Prize Poetry" by Herrick's Pills (1861)


Let Chieftains boast of deeds in war,

And Minstrels tune their sweet guitar,

A nobler theme my heart it fills—

In praise of HERRICK's matchless Pills.

Their cures are found in every land—

Amid Russia's snows and Afric's sand;

Their wondrous works the papers fill—

Produced by HERRICK's matchless Pills.

Does disease afflict you? do not doubt

This charming compound will search it out,

And health again your system fill,

If you fly at once to HERRICK's Pills.

They're safe for all, both old and young—

Their praises are on every tongue;

Disease disarmed, no longer kills,

Since we are blessed with HERRICK's Pills.

        ☞ Put up with English, Spanish, German and French directions. Price 25 cents per box. Sugar Coated. See advertisement on 3d page.

Madison Observer [Madison, NY]. June 27, 1861: 3 col 2.

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