Monday, November 18, 2013

"The Radio Fiend" by Andrew W. Loudon (1925)

The Radio Fiend.


On downy couch, a pillowed head,

His nose a ripened cherry red,

His pate was bare and all aglare,

With here and there a lonesome hair.

'Tween toothless gums and compressed lips,

And firm-set jaw, his pipe he grips.

In flawless rings the smoke ascends;

With fetid atmosphere it blends.

With both receivers at his ears,

A motley picture he appears;

His dropping lids denoting sleep,

That ends in slumber sound and deep.

Between his dreaming and his hearing

No dividing line appearing;

Then with gusto loud he prates

Of what he's heard from distant states.

Troy Times. September 2, 1925: 7 col 3.

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