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"Sacred to the Memory of Daniel A. Kellogg" (1851)


To the Memory of Daniel A. Kellogg,


'TWAS the evening hour of the holy day

        When forth on the spirit's wings,

The soul of a mortal hasted hence,

        To dwell with the "King of Kings."

Not as earth's warrior yields up his breath,

        'Mid the pomp and glitter and show

Of a battle-field—or with conqueror's shout,

        Did this "Christian Warrior" go.

No! calmly and sweetly as childhood lays

        Its head on its mother's breast,

Did this hero child lay his armor down,

        And enter in to his rest.

Away! far away! to its home in the skies,

        Sped the spirit set free from its clod;

Rejoicing to enter the pearl-studden gates,

        And to dwell in the presence of God.

No torturing pain, "and night shall be there,"

        Nor watching—nor sighing—nor tears:

The bliss of the glorified knoweth no end;

        Nor are angel-lives measured by years.

Oh, why should we weep when the spirit escapes,

        The cares, the temptations, the sins,

The besetments of earth—and enters the realm

        Where glory immortal begins.

For the desolate hearth-stone and grief-smitten hearts

        It is noble!—'tis human to weep;

But, oh, for the glorified! Faith bids us hope

        That they "only have fallen asleep!"

Asleep! yes, in Jesus! and soon, oh, how soon!

        To our loving will be given,

The dear ones departed—"not lost—gone before,"

        Who are waiting to greet us in heaven.

TROY, April, 1851.

Troy Daily Budget. April 29, 1851: 2 col 5.

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