Saturday, November 23, 2013

"Fifty Years Ago" (2) by Ayer's Cathartic Pills (1896)

Fifty Years Ago.

President Polk in the White House chair,

While in Lowell was Doctor Ayer;

        Both were busy for human weal

        One to govern and one to heal.

And, as a president's power of will

Sometimes depends on a liver-pill,

        Mr. Polk took Ayer's Pills I trow

        For his liver, 50 years ago.

Ayer's Cathartic Pills

were designed to supply a model purgative to people who had so long injured themselves with griping medicines. Being carefully prepared and their ingredients adjusted to the exact necessities of the bowels and liver, their popularity was instantaneous. That this popularity has been maintained is well marked in the medal awarded these pills at the World's Fair 1893.

50 Years of Cures.

Daily Leader [Gloversville, NY]. October 1, 1896: 3 col 4.

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