Saturday, November 23, 2013

"Fifty Years Ago" by Ayer's Cathartic Pills (1896)

Fifty Years Ago.

Who could imagine that this should be

The place where, in eighteen ninety-three

That white world-wonder of arch and dome

Should shadow the nations, polychrome...

Here at the Fair was the prize conferred

On Ayer's Pills, by the world preferred.

Chicago-like, they a record show,

Since they started—50 years ago.

Ayer's Cathartic Pills

have, from the time of their preparation, been a continuous success with the public. And that means that Ayer's Pills accomplish what is promised for them; they cure where others fail. It was fitting, therefore, that the world-wide popularity of these pills should be recognized by the World's Fair medal of 1898—a fact which emphasizes the record:

50 Years of Cures.

Daily Leader [Gloversville, NY]. November 9, 1896: 3 col 6.

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